Schalke 19-20 Home Kit Leaked - Best Picture Yet - Footy Headlines

Schalke 19-20 Home Kit Leaked - Best Picture Yet

Update: Another new picture of the Schalke 04 2019-20 home shirt has surfaced online. Additionally, Schalke's U-23 wore the Umbro Schalke 19-20 training kit at the pre-season start. This more or less confirms the leak.

A picture of the new Schalke 2019-2020 home kit has surfaced online. The Schalke 19-20 jersey, which is made by Umbro, is expected to be released in late June.

Schalke 19-20 Home Kit

This is the new Schalke 2019-20 home jersey.

The Schalke 2019-20 home shirt is predominantly blue and features an overall simple, clean look. The logos on the front are all white.

An interesting graphic print appears on the sleeves of the Schalke 2019-2020 jersey, likely inspired by early 90s Adidas kits. Interestingly, Adidas went for the same inspiration for one of its last-ever Schalke shirts, the 2017-18 away.

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