Euro 2020 Kit Overview - All Leaks & Info - Footy Headlines

Euro 2020 Kit Overview - All Leaks & Info

With Euro 2020 edging closer, let's take a look at what we know about the kits that will be used at the first-ever Euro tournament to be played across the 12 different European countries.

Both Puma and Adidas will start launching their Euro 2020 home kits ahead of the final qualification matches in November this year. Nike's home and away, as well as the Adidas and Puma away kits will be released in March 2020.


The Austrian national team will introduce a new logo with the launch of the 2020 collection, which will drop in late 2019.

All-New Austria Logo Leaked


Belgium Euro 2020 Home Kit
Belgium 2020 Away Kit

Both new Belgium kits have already been leaked, revealing pretty unique designs based on the Adidas 2020 design language.

Belgium Euro 2020 Training Kits


Croatia Euro 2020 Away Kit

Continuing the theme set with the super-popular 2018 away, the Croatia Euro 2020 away jersey will be dark grey / black with red logos.

The Croatia 2020 home kit will carry the team's famous checker look.


England Euro 2020 Away Kit

Nike will bring back navy for the Euro 2020 away kit. The home will be white with red once again.


France Euro 2020 Home & Away Kit Info

No surprises here: made by Nike, the France Euro 2020 kits will be blue and white, respectively.


Germany Euro 2020 Home Kit
Germany Euro 2020 Away Kit

Germany's Euro 2020 kits will of course be made by Adidas. The Germany home shirt, which is set to be launched in November 2019, will be white with a black stripe design on the chest. The away, meanwhile, is set to feature a stealth look.

Germany 2020 Goalkeeper Kit
Germany Euro 2020 Training Kits
Germany Euro 2020 Lifestyle Collection and Anthem Jacket
Germany Euro 2020 Off-Pitch Collection Leaked


Hungary Euro 2020 Home Kit

Likely based on the Adidas Condivo 20 template, the Hungary kit will draw inspiration from the Danube River.


Portugal Euro 2020 Away Kit

Portugal's Euro 2020 away kit will feature a similar teal color to the one used during the title run four years prior.


Russia Euro 2020 Home Kit

Russia's Euro 2020 kit is set to introduce a patriotic design, inspired by the Russian flag.


Spain 2020-2021 Home Kit
Spain Euro 2020 Away Kit

The Spain home shirt will have a slightly darker color than the ones used in 2016 and 2018. Spain's Euro 2020 away kit will be white with grey accents and (likely) red logos.

Spain Euro 2020 Goalkeeper Kit
Spain 2020 Training Kit
Spain Euro 2020 Pre-Match Shirt


Sweden Euro 2020 Home Kit

Sweden's Euro 2020 home kit introduces a clean and classy look in yellow with trim in navy and blue. The away will be dark blue with yellow accents and logos.


Switzerland Euro 2020 Home Kit

The Switzerland Euro 2020 home kit features a very dark shade of red, combined with a hoop pattern and white logos.

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